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Digital Marketing Agency

Elevate your business with tailored digital marketing strategies that propel your growth.

We create a roadmap that cuts through the noise, drives ROI, and lets you focus on what you do best—running your business.

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Ricky, Marketing Director

They are an exceptional agency specializing in digital marketing and brand building. Working with Purple Ivy Digital Marketing has been a game-changer for our tattoo brand Fine Ink. 

Applying Oil to Chain of Garage Door

Shanna, Co-Owner

Being a small business owner is scary! Advertising can be even scarier, especially a new business in a new city. Purple Ivy Digital Marketing made the process absolutely amazing! Jensina listens to your wants and needs of your business, not only for the present but for the future.

Digital Marketing
Made Easy for You

  • Are you tired of chasing single strategies that only feed into vanity metrics?

  • Are you done chasing an ever-changing algorithm?

  • Are you ready to have your content strategy create sustainable, increased revenue?

At Purple Ivy Digital Marketing, we create a holistic content strategy to propel your business to the next level.


You will have algorithm-proof social media, your website will connect & convert, and email, Google Business Profile, and paid media all will work holistically together to drive revenue growth, build a community, and keep your ideal customer coming back again and again.

If you are ready to get back to running your business instead of chasing marketing strategies, we can help.

What has it done for our clients?


increased web traffic from social media


increased organic web traffic


increased calls from Google Business Profile


engaged social media growth

Unlock the power of a content strategy for your business 

We’re here to help you get serious, get seen online and increase growth. 

Let's discuss a customized, cohesive marketing strategy to create the what is needed to get you to the next level.

What sets Purple Ivy Digital Marketing apart?

We are more than marketers; we are passionate individuals driven by a shared commitment to your success. Our down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach is coupled with a genuine understanding of the struggles and joys of entrepreneurship & business. We don't just value your business; we value the relationships, the laughter, and the unique dynamics that shape your journey.


Behind every strategy, every campaign, and every success, there's a story of persistence & innovation.


At Purple Ivy Digital Marketing, our passion meets purpose, and together, we'll carve a path to unparalleled success for your business.

Digital Marketing

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